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Strategic Sustainable Growth

Professionals with outstanding global experience to help invest in strategic sustainable growth of your business.

Enerqui has expertise in New Business Development, Energy and

Digitalization to add value for our clients.

Welcome to Enerqui

Business Consulting and International Energy Advisory

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Enerqui is a management consulting and energy advisory company with diverse international expertise. We assist clients with investing in the strategic sustainable growth of their organizations. We offer independent asset and portfolio management consultancy specialized in:

- Growth Strategy, New Business Development, Acquisitions and Divestments (A&D), and Joint Ventures Governance.

- Digitalization, Data Engineering and Analytics for Business and Operational Performance Improvement.

Enerqui’s efforts are focused on creating value for our clients by providing independent and unbiased advice on commercial and technical aspects across the value chain of the full business lifecycle for increased profitability (find out more).

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Investing in Strategic Sustainable Growth of Your Organization

The successful execution of strong and robust strategies gives any organization a significant competitive edge. We provide industry insights and understanding to help our clients develop their corporate strategy and strategic investment initiatives to deliver successful and profitable growth projects.

Enerqui offers advice and expertise on mergers, acquisitions and divestitures to the energy industry. Focusing on assets globally, our team has experience with International Energy Companies (IOCs), National Energy Companies (NOCs) and Independents worldwide

Digitalization and Data Analytics

Enerqui provides digitalization and data analytic solutions utilizing big data to provide detailed business insights, performance improvement, automation and operational efficiency of organizations.

Enerqui has a diverse and rich experience in various industries. We have successfully managed and delivered projects worldwide, adding and creating value for our clients. Some of the industries we serve are:

Energy Sector – Industries include LNG, Oil and Gas, Hydrogen, Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS and CCUS), Renewables, Geothermal, Infrastructure and Petrochemicals.

Other Industries – These include Clean Tech, Health Tech, Ed Tech, IoT, Mobility, Financial Service, Textile and Fashion, Logistics, Food and Beverages, Retail and E-commerce. (find out more). 

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Funding Your Company's Growth

Enerqui has developed a rich network of relationships over time in the financial industry. We can connect our clients to the right parties which can assist with financing for the growth of your company.

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